Mobile telescopic grandstands



The slightly different concept of telescopic grandstands or the country needs new ideas …

These mobile telescopic grandstands under the brand name ELAN TransFlex are a highly mobile and portable grandstand system.
This mobile telescopic grandstand system allows installations in a variety of configurations.

Our Standworks ELAN TransFlex grandstand system is manufactured in different sizes.

The delivery program includes the following TransFlex stands:

  • TransFlex XXL: 360 seats, 23to, integrated mouth hole, transportable by a lifting vehicle
  • TransFlex XL: 280 seats, 10to, two parts (2 x 6m), pitch staircase, transportable by lift truck or forklift truck
  • TransFlex M: 100 seats, 8to, transportable by forklift truck
  • TransFlex S: 50 seats, 4to, can be loaded onto truck, transportable by pallet lifter

More information on ELAN TransFlex, the mobile telescopic grandstand can be found here

Here is a brief introduction to the largest model in the Standworks ELAN TransFlex series

TransFlex XXL, More information at

The Leipzig trade fair approached Standworks to develop a concept of a transportable, flexible telescopic grandstand, in which the tribunes with around 4300 seats would stand freely in the room and should be easy to transport.


The result is a completely new grandstand type, Elan TransFlex, a grandstand with up to 360 seats, integrated staircase exit (mouth hole) and telescopic rear stairs. Construction time takes under 30 minutes per block.

The blocks are easy to transport with a lifting vehicle and can be combined to arbitrarily large arenas.

Arena variant

Arena variant

Concert variant

Concert variant

Sport variant

Sport variant

The grandstand blocks can also be decoupled after 10 of the existing 20 rows in the case of  even smaller event arenas with only 10 rows of seats.

If placed together, the grandstand blocks have a depth of 2.5m and can be easily placed on the edge of the hall due to their closed back design or they may be used as a room divider.

This arena system has all the structural and legal requirements (all necessary certificates and approvals) which are necessary to present a variant for larger event categories with more than 4000 seats which is officially approved and not limited to just one event.

Technical data:

Seats: 360
Floor area open: 12,00 x 19,00m
Floor area closed: 12,00 x 2,5m
Height: 8,00m
Weight grandstand: 23,00 to
Weight trolley: 10,00 to
Internal drive: friction drive
Lighting: LED 12V
Operating personnel: 2 people

The stands can be transported and set up by 2-4 people.

This also means that personnel planning is excellent.