Standworks ELAN TransFlex – mobile retractable seating systems

TransFlex is a combination of the words “transportable“ and „flexible“

Standworks ELAN TransFlex is a retractable seating system that is self-standing and is not connected to the building. TransFlex is also mobile, meaning that it can be positioned anywhere in the room. The TransFlex can be moved around a multifunctional hall with the help of a suitable transportation vehicle.

Depending on your needs and the size of your halls, you can choose from one of Standworks/ELAN’s stands that range in size from 50 to 360 people. Then select the right number of blocks for your retractable seating system and that’s it! Now you have ensured all the necessary conditions for the flexible use of your hall.

More information about mobile retractable seating systems you will find on the homepage

Mobile TransFlex Teleskoptriunes in various sizes:

Standworks ELAN TransFlex XXL

This is currently the largest retractable seating system in the TransFlex range. 360 seats are available on this seating system.

The block has a width of 12m and is 20 rows high. The weight of this block is about 23 tons. The transport vehicle for this retractable seating system is a special lifting vehicle.

This grandstand is equipped with an internal stair system (mouth-hole). Thus, the seating system can be opened from the front and the back. This also has great advantages as far as the calculation of the escape route length is concerned.

This type of seating system can also be coupled in a row with several blocks.
The benchmark for this grandstand is the TransFlex retractable seating system in the HALL:ONE (Halle:Eins) in the Leipzig Trade Fair.

 Standworks ELAN TransFlex XL

This is a retractable seating block for 280 visitors. The block has a width of 2x6m and 13 rows.

This means that it consists of 2 half-blocks. The weight of one of these half-blocks is about 10 tons. Transport vehicles include a forklift or a lifting vehicle.

The grandstand is accessed from the rear via adjustable stairs and a central aisle from the front. In order to comply with escape route lengths, there are many escape routes, including one exiting to the rear.

The reference object presented here is located at the NEC/Birmingham and its manufactured version there belongs to the high-end range. Glass “by-pass” railings, a fitted carpet, chairs upholstered on all sides and fully upholstered armrests, as well as a TransFlex retractable seating system with wood-tone compound panels on all sides leave nothing to be desired. Of course, this seating system can also be delivered in a different, simpler version.

Standworks ELAN TranFlex M

This TransFlex system is for 100 visitors. The block has a width of 6m and consists of 10 rows.

The weight is approximately 6 tons. The transport vehicle is a forklift.

The retractable seating system may be opened only from the front. To create 2 escape routes, 2 of these blocks must be used together.

This type of TransFlex stands out for its high flexibility. With the forklift and two staff members, any retractable seating constellation can be produced in no time.

In the reference object presented here in the Nordseehalle (North Sea Hall) in Emden, the whole system consists of 12 blocks. Within a few hours, the grandstands can be adapted to the respective event with a total number of 1200 visitors.

Standworks ELAN TransFlex S

This is our smallest TransFlex product for 50 visiters. Each block is 4.50 m wide and has 6 rows.

A part block weighs 4 tons and can be transported with a forklift as well as with a pallet truck.

As a result, this retractable seating system can be stored very easily in adjoining rooms of the respective function rooms. 2 people can easily set up this seating system. This TransFlex retractable seating system allows a coupling of several blocks.

The special feature of this block is the possibility of loading it onto a normal truck. This means that this block of stands can be locked, lifted onto a truck with a forklift and immediately reused at another location.

Installation options

In a rectangle for a sporting event, in a circle for a boxing event or in the form of an arena for a concert, with Standworks ELAN TransFlex you can build every imaginable installation variant within a very short time. And we are sure that our customers will still come up with a lot of setup options that we did not even think of. TransFlex is also mobile, which means it can be positioned anywhere in the room.

The event does not have to adapt to the available space, the room has to adapt to the event.