Standworks ELAN Basketball – facilities

The basketball facilities comply with all sporting standards and are designed and manufactured according to all prescribed safety regulations.

• FIBA regulations

• EN 1270, which specifies functional requirements and safety requirements for basketball equipment

• ISO 3834, which ensures controlled manufacture of basketball goal structures and compliance of procedure

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Standworks ELAN Gym – facilities

Standworks ELAN plans, manufactures and assembles a complete range of all the items required for equipping a modern gym.

This includes the equipment of the gyms with baffles and all kinds of sports floors.

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Standworks ELAN Dividing curtains

By dividing an area into multiple units, the curtains help maximise usable floor surface. All Elan dividing curtains are designed, engineered and manufactured to the applicable safety regulations in standards:

• DIN 18032/4, which specifies the conditions for twin-shell partition screens in sports halls

• ISO 3824, which ensures control and production compliance of support structures of dividing curtains

• DIN 7892, which governs the use of an additional mechanical or electrical brake, or a combination of the two types of brakes

• tear-resistant, self-extinguishing polyester fabric manufactured in accordance with DIN 4102/B1

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Standworks ELAN Safety nets

Safety nets can be fixed and mounted onto rail systems.

They are used to secure sensitive building parts, but also to protect the spectators during sports events such as a handball match.

During a game, safety nets are mounted behind handball goals.

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