Standworks ELAN Partitions

Partitions are an important product for the individual use of halls. They are suitable for use in sports halls, covered swimming pools, multi-purpose halls, industrial buildings, etc. When dividing a hall into several units, the partitions help to maximize the usable floor space. All our partitions are made according to European safety regulations and standards.


• Intended for fast and effective partitioning of space into multiple units

• Enables visual partition of the area

• Used mainly in industrial buildings, but can also be installed in sports halls

• Manufactured from single-layer tear-resistant, selfextinguishing polyester fabric.


• Intended for fast and simple division of space into multiple units

• Acts as a visual and acoustic partition

• Tailored to meet the specific requirements of the venue in order to fully correspond with the other equipment and fittings

• Manufactured from double-layer tear-resistant, self-extinguishing polyester fabric and other high-quality materials that ensure safe and comfortable use throughout the product’s lifetime.


• The lower part of the divider provides a visual partition whereas the netting in the upper section acts as a ball stop net

• Does not interfere with the lighting, sound, fire control, and HVAC systems

• In its lower part, up to 2.6 m high, the curtain is double-layer tear-resistant and self-extinguishing polyester fabric, which protects the hoisting parts of the device from damage and tampering, ball strikes and blows, and strikes by athletes from the other side of the partition.

Upper ring closure curtain

• Allows effective closure of the upper reaches of the seating systems when these are not in use

• Designed and engineered to suit the available space and technical characteristics of the upper ring and ensure visual and acoustic partition.

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