Fixed telescopic grandstands

Fixed telescopic grandstands

Standworks supplies telescopic grandstands for all purposes, some examples include:

  • exhibition halls
  • stadiums
  • arenas

In the case of new planning and refurbishment projects, variable usability and flexible use of space is one of the most important requirements for users and operators today.

A telescopic grandstand is the best solution for those who wish to use space in a flexible way. Telescopic grandstands offer the opportunity to adjust the room situation to your individual needs within a very short time. If you no longer need seats, the grandstand can be lowered and the whole room is at your disposal.

This way, the space can be configured for the most diverse uses as quickly as possible.

Our telescopic stands are designed and manufactured according to the highest European standards: standard EN 13200 and standard DIN EN 18032.

What types of fixed telescopic grandstands are there?

The categories of Standworks fixed telescopic grandstands are as follows:

Fixed to a wall and placed along a wall

Teleskoptribünen fix
Teleskoptribünen fix

This is the simplest type of Standworks telescopic grandstand. This grandstand can be delivered in any length and can contain up to 22 rows. These grandstands can only be accessed from below.

There are different variants of each of our grandstands:

• Various chairs and chair systems
• Railing (Fixed railings remaining in the stands, folding railings or removable railings).
• Different side panel variants (fixed moving or removable side panels).

Fixed to a wall and placed along an alcove

The fronts can be adapted to the wall cladding causing the grandstand to disappear into the wall. These grandstands can only be accessed from below.

The fronts can be designed for sports halls as a baffle wall.

Furthermore, the openings resulting from the stepped passages can also be manually provided with diaphragms. We also have an automatic solution for the step apertures in the program.

Fixed to a wall and placed under a balcony

In this variant, the grandstand is placed under a balcony and can be accessed from below and above. These grandstands can be accessible from below or from the balcony.

You can order this variant in any width and execution as is the case with all our stands.

The doors on the balcony used to access the grandstand can also be included in this system and provided with a logical opening mechanism. This means that the doors can only be opened in open bleachers. When entering the grandstand, the doors close automatically. This considerably reduces the risk of accidents.

Freestanding and not connected to the wall, can be moved in one direction and used in different positions in the function room.

This is a very flexible variant, the grandstand can, depending on the purpose, be used in different places in the hall. The grandstand can be moved in one direction (forward or backward).

Freestanding and mobile, transportable by a suitable transport vehicle and freely usable anywhere in the room.

This is the most mobile way of using a telescopic grandstand. This Standworks ELAN TransFlex grandstand can be placed at any point of the hall in various configurations. More information on our Standworks ELAN TransFlex Homepage.