ELAN TransFlex telescopic grandstands as a „high-end“ version for Birmingham

Teleskoptribüne - Birmingham

ELAN TransFlex telescopic grandstands as a „high-end“ version for Birmingham

Standworks’ new major order goes into its final stage. 7 mobile telescopic grandstand blocks from the ELAN Transflex line with 273 seats each are about to be completed for the fair in Birmingham, UK. A total of 1,911 seats for all types of events are to be handed over to the client on 13 October 2017.

What you see here is about ¼ of the blocks that need to be assembled, so really A LOT of seats..

These double blocks are located at the top of the potential equipment:

  • Upholstered chairs with upholstered armrests (with an automatic folding function)
  • Carpeted floor
  • LED illuminated step edges
  • Glass railing with wooden handrails
  • Paneling of the grandstands outside with high quality composite panels
  • Separate pitch stairs at the back

Das ganze Tribünensystem ist vollautomatisch, dh. automatische Bypass The whole grandstand system is fully automatic, ie. automatic bypass railing, automatically foldable chairs…

The grandstand opens and is ready to use at a push of a button.

Transportiert wird die Tribüne von unserem bewährten Hubfahrzeug ELAN-Trans.