New ELAN TransFlex Grandstands for the Olympic Hall in Innsbruck

New ELAN TransFlex Grandstands for the Olympic Hall in Innsbruck

Standworks has been awarded the contract to expand the seating area of the Olympic Hall in Innsbruck. We at Standworks are very proud to be able to implement our system in an event hall which is well-known beyond the borders of Tyrol.

With this ELAN TransFlex product, we are now rounding off our TransFlex portfolio at the lower end. Now the ELAN TransFlex series also includes grandstand blocks from 50 to 360 seats. The perfect size for every hall.

By the end of this year, the total of 12 highly variable ELAN TransFlex blocks will have to be planned, manufactured, assembled and delivered.

The premiere of these ELAN TransFlex grandstands will take place at the HYPO TIROL Alpenvolleys game against VfB Friedrichshafen on 10.1.2018.

This order comprises a total of 588 seats.

The special feature of our concept is the high mobility of these ELAN TransFlex blocks. The individual blocks can be moved in the Olympic hall with the help of a forklift truck or transport trolleys especially designed for these stands.

To make the transport to another event hall several kilometers away easier, these grandstand blocks are equipped with a special transport frame.